RichQuack x Earthling Airdrop Value $1,000

RichQuack x Earthling Airdrop

❤️ RichQuack Airdrop Information ❤️

1.Airdrop: RichQuack X Earthling
2.Value: $1000 worth $QUACK,$1000 in BUSD & Level 1 whitelist allocation
3.Referral: +3 Entries
4.Audit: Techrate
5.Partnership: CoinmarketCap, Hotbit
6.End Date: 9th May, 2022
7.Distribution Date: 16th May, 2022

How to Join RichQuack x Earthling Airdrop

1. Complete all the Tasks

2. Submit your BEP20 Wallet Address

3. You will get +3 Entries for each referral

RichQuack x Earthling Airdrop details

Earthling wants to make it easy for everyone to act on climate change. Helping people and the planet by becoming the world largest web3 carbon offset project.

To get your reward you must complete these tasks.

  • Follow All Media Platform:

 RichQuackx Earthling Airdrop Prizes

1. 20 lucky winners will be airdropped $50 worth QUACK

2. 20 lucky winners will be airdropped $50 worth BUSD

3. 30 lucky winners will get Level 1 allocation whitelist on QUACKPad

Airdrop Page: Click Here

Price today : $0.000000001095

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